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Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce

"The Voice of  Business"

Board of Directors

2017 - 2018 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Chair: Stan Thompson
1st Vice Chair: Mike Pemberton
Erik's AVU
2nd Vice Chair: 

Treasurer: Lori Barr
Blue Sky Business Services Inc.
 Secretary: Lars Hartling
Hartling & Hartling Real Estate Holdings
Betty Burns
Angellina's Toy Boutique
Lorraine Stick
Climate Clothing
Sylvio Lin
Triniti Technology
David Sennett
All Yukon Refrigeration
Eric Brohman
Ketza Construction
Ex-Officio Members
 Peter Turner
Yukon Chamber of Commerce
Blake Rogers
Tourism Industry Association Yukon
Dan Boyd
The City of Whitehorse
Samson Hartland
Yukon Chamber of Mines
Craig Hougen
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Elien Duchesne
Ben Asquith
Ta'an Kwach'an