2018 Whitehorse Municipal Election Candidates

To watch the the all canidtates interview please go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHOnqQjFq-A

The show is also scheduled to play starting Saturday, October 6th - October 17th on Northwestel cable Channel 709 at 1:00pm, 7:00pm and 10:00pm.


The event was held on October 3rd  at the Gold Rush Inn – Town Hall meeting room 

CLICK HERE to watch the forum.

Candidates for Councillor: 

  1. Eileen Melnychuk

  2. Jocelyn Curteanu

  3. Dan Boyd

  4. Steve Roddick

  5. Darrell Hookey

  6. Scott Etches

  7. David Laxton

  8. Mike Gladish

  9. Leonard Boniface

  10. Cory Adams

  11. Jan Stick

  12. Jim Cahill

  13. Roslyn Woodcock

  14. Laura Cabott

  15. Betty Irwin

  16. Danny Macdonald

  17. Andrew Smith

  18. Samson Hartland

  19. Kim Lisgo

  20. Oshea Jephson


The event was held on October 4th at the Gold Rush Inn – Town Hall meeting room

CLICK HERE to watch the forum

Candidates for Mayor

  1. Kelly Suits

  2. Wilf Carter

  3. Dan Curtis

  4. Colin Laforme

  5. Rick Karp

    Please show your support for the municipal elections and don’t forget to vote on October 18th!