Essential Business Services (EBS) Program


Members of the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce are able to access the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Chamber Business Services (CBS) program. Designed for members by members, Chamber Business Services provide the tools you need to boost your productivity, save money and achieve your goals.


Chamber Printing Program (Advertek)

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has teamed with Advertek, to offer you and your Chamber Members Printing Services, Promotional Materials, Bindery & Finishing, Digital Printing Services, Car warps and other forms of Advertisements.

Chamber Legal Services Program (Barrett Tax Law)

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Barrett Tax Law to offer your Chamber Members access to Professional Tax Law services. Barret Tax Law has experienced Tax lawyers who can address your Members concerns and give their expert opinions about your Members chances for a positive result.

Chamber Cybersecurity Training Program (CIRA)

As a result of COVID -19 more people are working from home and many businesses have switched to online operations. It's now more important than ever that we remain vigilant

against phishing scams and other malicious cyber attacks. CIRA, the non- profit that runs the .CA web domain, is providing a hands-off service where you and your members can register employees for year-round cyber security training. All you or your members have to do is register and add your staff - CIRA will do the rest.

Chamber Conferencing Services Program (Pragmatic)

Recognizing the importance of connectivity, the CCC has partnered with Pragmatic Conferencing to offer you one of the most cost-effective and reliable audio and video conferencing programs in Canada.

Chamber Shipping Program (Freightcom)

The CCC has partnered with Freightcom to provide our members with savings on shipping costs, including pallet shipping. Members can save anywhere from 70 -75% on what they would normally pay for a shipping Courier.

Chamber Insurance Program

Insurance services, including: Business, Group home, Auto and Travel Insurance.

Chamber Fuel Savings Program (ESSO)

The CCC has teamed up with Esso to provide you with fuel savings and powerful yet easy -to-use fuel management tools. You can also offer this program to your employees as an additional benefit of employment.

Incoterms 2020 (FITT/ Online)

To help Canadian businesses get up to speed on the Incoterms 2020 changes and what they mean, we and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) are working with local chambers, world trade centres, economic development agencies and other associations to deliver in- person training across Canada. Hosting Incoterms 2020 training is a great way to provide additional value to your members, attract new members and earn revenue through event registration fees and


e-ATA Carnet

Carnets permit the temporary duty -free and tax -free importation of goods into foreign countries, simplify customs procedures, reduce business costs and save time and paperwork.

Document Certification/ TradeCert

Apply for certificates of origin, VISA Letters, Representational Agreements and other Ad Hoc documents. Eliminate courier fees and save money through our online document certification platform.


Pairing students with companies to equip them with work- ready skills.

Chamber Cybersecurity Services Program (Field Effect)

The Canadian Chamber has partnered with Field Effects to provide clients with leading -edge tools and services to help create networks that are resilient in the fa ce of today’s cyber threats.

The AGENDA Events

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has partnered with The AGENDA Events. The AGENDA Event s is a company designed for your Members. We know that your Members are expert s in their field; so is the team at AGENDA. The AGENDA events team seamlessly bring s people together to mobilize, innovate and celebrate. So, while your Members are busy being the best at what they do, leave it to The AGENDA Events to strategically design and manage your customized corporate productions and events, for your Members.

Chamber Carbon Compliance & Sustainability Program (Anova Energy)

Anova Energy is committed to providing Members with sustainable solutions to help them thrive in an ever-changing global market. As a Canadian Chamber of Commerce member, we extend our services to other members seeking to meet their carbon emissions obligations under federal or provincial regulations, as Canada commits topromote sustainable economic growth.

As a leading Canadian energy consultancy and brokerage firm, Anova Energy ensures that the Carbon Offset plans we offer are suited to our client’s goals and objectives. As part of our program offering, we will verify the offsets’ validity, ensure they are made in Canada and in compliance with federal or provincial regulations. This program is great for Members in the Manufacturing Sector.


For more information please contact us at [email protected]  or call (867)667-7545